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Referenzen Geschäfts SegelnReferenzen Geschäfts Segeln, viele Firmen sind in den letzten Jahren mit uns gesegelt. Dies immer zum gegenseitigen Vergnügen. Sie empfehlen die Catharina van Mijdrecht für Ihre nächsten Segelfreizeit.
Einige der vielen Geschäftsreferenzen, die wir erhalten haben:


Dear Jos,
It was a complete success, super thanks!
Myrthe, Eurocross Assistance

Dear Jos,
Last week you’ve already met our colleagues twice. We are hearing enthusiastic stories and we would also like to sail with you for an afternoon with our team.
Kind regards,
Marleen, Eurocross Assistance

Good morning Jos,A-Quin
It was totally super, we basked in the afterglow all Friday evening. Super thanks for all the good care,
it was all taken care of till the last detail.
I will certainly recommend you to others. Greetings,
Karin, A-Quin

Hello Jos, Danny and Mark,DLG
Thank you very much for a great day, everyone had an excellent time.
It was all very well taken care of and above expectations!
Success, and we hope to see you in the future.
David, Dienst Landelijk Gebied

Dear Jos,
It was a wonderful day for sailing the Markermeer on your ship yesterday. My colleagues also enjoyed sailing with you very much. Thank you for all your good care, for the fun day on your ship and for your presence!Rijkswaterstaat I will certainly recommend your ship to others.
Who knows, you may see us or our colleagues on your ship again!
With kind regards,
Aatje, Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu

Good morning Jos,
We certainly enjoyed it. For us, sailing is part of our lives. Fortunately there were several water fanatics on board, and it didn’t taker long for our enthusiasm to catch on (otherwise we might not have gotten the jib up, I think). My colleagues and partners were completely chuffed, and wBAMe were lucky with the great sailing and BBQ weather too. We predict more charter trips on “brown fleet” ships. I’ve done my best to promote this event as a teambuilding as well. You’ll be first on our list.
Thanks for all your good care.
Kind regards,
Hein, BAM Civiel Nederland

Dear JosGrondmij
Thank you for your kind email. We had a top afternoon. I’ve heard nothing but good about it. Thank you for your excellent care and perhaps until next time!
With kind regards,
Mark, Grontmij Nederland B.V.

Hello Jos,Garrad Hassan
It was all very well taken care of, everyone had a very good time. Thanks again for all your good care!
With kind regards,
Debby, GL Garrad Hassan Nederland B.V

Hello Jos,
I wanted to thank you for the very successful day we had yesterday. You have a beautiful ship, the catering was excellent and with the beautiful weather it just couldn’t go wrong.
We’ve had nothing but positive feedback.Prov. Flevoland
Thanks again.
With kind regards,
Nico, Provincie Flevoland

Hello Jos & Danny,het Entertainment Bureau
Thank you for the great boat trip, we had a lovely afternoon! Your attention and care was above average! Really fantastic! We will certainly look at how we can use this further, from HEB.
Thank you and see you soon, we hope!
greetings Nicole, Het Entertainment Bureau

Hello Jos,
We enjoyed it very much too! I hope we can make this a yearly event.
I’ll send you a couple of pictures later!Adexpo
All the best,
Tessie, Adexpo

Hello Jos,de zorggroep
We had a fantastic day on your ship.
It was excellently organized, thanks again.
Kind regards,
Trees, De Zorggroep

Hi Jos,
Thank you for the superbly catered day yesterday. Everyone had a great time. Thanks for that.jeroenboschZH
Kind regards,
Angelique, Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis.

spaarneZH Dear Jos and Guus,
We loved it, everyone was enthusiastic and enjoyed a great afternoon on the water. Once again our warmest thanks for a great afternoon.
Kind regards,
Heleen, Spaarne Ziekenhuis.

Dear Jos,
We thought it was great. On the coach back home we made a top 3 of company outings, and this one is the best by far!
Thank you guys for a really fun day!jeroenboschZH
Femke, Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, locatie GZG en CLZ.

Dear Jos,
Thanks for your email.
Thank you too for taking such good care of us. It sounds like everyone enjoyed it and maybe there will be some retailcompasscompany_logomore business in it for you because they are all managers of retail chains and their suppliers. I wish you all the best and if I need you I’ll know where to find you.
With kind regards,
Frans, Retail Compass Company.

perfetti van melle logoHello Jos,
Thank you very much too, on behalf of all of us. We all enjoyed ourselves very much! Partly due to the beautiful weather, but certainly also to your good care. I’ll keep your data in case we ever want to come back. I’ll certainly recommend you to other departments in our company too. With kind regards,
Abbey, Perfetti Van Melle Benelux B.V..

GGD Amsterdam
Dear Jos and Jan,
We had a really great day. Everybody went home very satisfied. Jan’s guidance was very instructive, Jos’s steering skills were real craftsmanship and Sandra gets a Michelin star for her cooking! Greetings and see you!
Martijn, GGD Amsterdam.

Dear Jos,
The only remark I have is that this is going to be hard to beat ;-)
I’ve heard nothing but praise from colleagues and business relations about the perfect organisation and top level catering! Wonderful to hear because this was the first time we did something different from our yearly participation in the Regatta and because people preferred something with a more leisurely character. A great success, and worth repeating!
If all goes well, perhaps next year? With kind regards,
Ancilla, Goes Installaties BVGoes Installaties BV logo

Dear Jos,
We experienced the sailing day as fun and relaxing, and the visit to Pampus was a good stopover. As far as I’m concerned you can count on us for next year.
With kind regards,
Marco, Goes Installaties BV.

Thank you too!Centraal Orgaan opvang asielzoekers
It was a wonderful day, and we look back on it with great pleasure. We are reliving it now…
Anja, Centraal Orgaan opvang asielzoekers.

Dear Jos, Lucas and Caroline,KPMG Meijburg logo
We’d like to thank you againfor a very successful day. A beautiful ship, more than excellent food
and your wonderful hospitality certainly contributed to a successful unit getaway. Thank you on behalf of all.
Kind greetings,
Frieda, KPMG Meijburg & Co.

AMC logoHello Jos,
We had a very “gezellig” and beautiful sailing trip with you. You spoiled us with the delicious food. In the future I will certainly contact you if we want to brave the waves again.
Ellen, AMC

Dear Jos,
Thank you on behalf of the whole group for the especially nice day. Everyone was full of praise about the catering and the hospitality on board. We really had an unforgettable day.
Normally we don’t socialize much during rehearsal nights because we need to be singing. Now we had every opportunity.
Thanks again for the lovely day aboard your ship.
With kind regards,Zwart Hypotheken
Han, Zwart Hypotheken BV.

Hi Jos,
Everyone enjoyed the day tremendously. Nothing but praise for everything!Strukton
Thank you again and who knows until another time.
With kind regards,
Diana, Structon Immersion Projects.

UTZ_Certified_logo Hi Jos,
Thank you again for the wonderful day yesterday – on behalf of everyone – also to the rest of the crew. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. But anyway; big thank you for all your good care. Everybody loved the catering too! We’ll certainly keep you in mind when we have sailing plans again!
Petra, UTZ Certified.

I want to thank you too for the wonderful day on the ship. We found it a very pleasant way to conduct a meeting, occasionally stepping out for some fresh air. We have no remarks; the day was well-organised and the food was delicious.
Thank you again and good luck with the business.
With kind regards,
Willy, Advies- en Ingenieursbureau van Stadsbeheer Almere.

MobiCoach logoDear Jos,
A heartfelt thank you to you too for the wonderful day. And I don’t just mean the weather, of course! This is one of those days you’ll remember often and with pleasure.
Again, compliments from all of us for the chef’s cooking. Super!
Good luck with the business.
With kind regards,
Antoinette, MobiCoach BV.

Hello Jos,
We had a great day on your ship.
There’s going to be a piece written for our website somewhere next week, I’ll forward it to you.Hutten
Thanks for this excellent day.
With kind regards,
Daan (and the rest of the staff), Hutten Catering.

Dear Jos,
All the guests really liked the weekend, we got nothing but compliments. Thank you for your good care and organisation.Yokota
With kind regards,
Jeantine, Yokota Europa BV.

Hi Jos,
We all enjoyed ourselves very much and are still enjoying our wonderful weekend away. It was a great success! Keesing
Thank you very much for that.
Suzanne, Keesing Reference Systems.

Heijmans Bouw logoDear Jos,
Thank you from us too for the very successful day. We enjoyed ourselves very much and the stories are still being told here at the office.
Who knows until next time, I’ll know where to find you….
Thanks again and kind regards,
Edgar, Heijmans Bouw Leiderdorp B.V.

Dear Jos,
I just wanted you to know this was a very successful day!! The weather was very cooperative as well. Everybody enjoyed theKLM-AIR FRANCE logomselves very much. It was really special for our French colleagues; they had never done anything like this before. The hour on Marken was a good idea too. Good interruption.
Also, the service on board was exceptionally good! Comparable to KLM so to speak ;-). “Boatsman” Jan, who put everone to work in a great way, made quite an impression. In short: higly recommended! Thank you to everyone.
With kind regards,

It was a great afternoon and I’ve had nothing but positive reactions, thank you again too for your good care!
Hendrik-Jan, Havenbedrijf Amsterdam.

Dear Jos,Universiteit Leiden logo
Everyone is still very enthusiastic about the sailing trip.
Thanks again for a fun afternoon/evening.
warm greetings,
Liesbeth, Universiteit Leiden.


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